Tuesday of the Fourth Week of Lent

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Lent Quotable

The call to “treat all things as if they were vessels of the altar” (Rule of St. Benedict 31:10) is the call to steward the earth, to treat it reverently, to hold it in loving hands. It is the call to keep what is usable, to care for what is vulnerable, to safeguard what is fragile on this planet. It is the call to preserve the environment and to clean our houses and our streets and our woods and to stop pollution. It is the call to save the earth for our children.
— Sister Joan Chittister, OSB, from Wisdom Distilled from the Daily

Fast from fuel consumption… take public transportation (or walk or bike) to work or school today — even if it’s a long way and you have to connect!

Pray for someone you notice along your commute that looks like they need your prayers.

Give up your seat if the train or bus is crowded.

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