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Moral Dilemma #2: The Best Friend and the Bridesmaid


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Now we’d like to complicate the story just a bit more by telling you what happened next…


The Wrinkle

After a few moments silence Michelle tells Beth that she can’t in good conscience stand up in a church before God and support a marriage that she so clearly feels is wrong and unhealthy.

What Should They Do Now?

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  • Relent and agree to be her maid of honor?
  • Stick to her guns and say that she still can’t do it?
  • Tell Beth that she really needs to get some emotional/psychological help?
  • Call Thomas directly and confront him with the situation in the hopes of finding out the truth?
  • Try to enlist a member of Beth’s family to figure out the situation before it gets worse?

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On the other end of the phone she hears Beth start to cry and Michelle begins to feel sorry that she has hurt her close friend so badly. When Beth composes herself, she tells Michelle that she hasn’t had nearly as much dating experience and that she “exaggerated those incidents with Thomas” partly out of inexperience and also in part because she kind of enjoyed the drama and it made her feel like she finally had something to share with Michelle in terms of relationships. Now she’s concerned that Michelle will never give Thomas a fair chance.

Time for you to decide again. What’s the right thing to do now?

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Already read parts one and two? Read our expert’s analysis of the dilemma and your responses.