Prayers for Virginia Tech

our readers and listeners respond

When faced with a horrible tragedy like the one that occured at Virginia Tech, we are immediately tempted to want to analyze and search for answers in an attempt to make sense out of utterly senseless acts.

While the search for understanding must continue, we believe that the best use of our space at this time is to offer our thoughts and prayers to the entire Virginia Tech community, especially the victims and their families who need it most.

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We will forward your emails to the Campus Ministers at Virginia Tech and publish them here.

Thank you…

I pray that some kind of good will come out of this heart-wrenching tragedy. I pray that people in higher positions will listen when a warning about a potentially dangerous person is given. I pray in thanksgiving that this tragedy did bring the people of Virginia Tech and the world closer together. Although I always find it sad that something horrible has to happen for everyone to come together. And yet, I believe that is sometimes how it works – something good or bad must happen and people come together. So, I want to pray for the victims, their families, the shooter, and everyone that was affected by this horrible event.

Though you shall walk through the valley of death, fear no evil for God is at your side. We send our thoughts and prayers to you knowing that God has called His people back to him. Though they are gone they are not forgotten.

-EA, ZS & MV
(Church of Our Saviour Youth Group, Cocoa Beach, Florida)

Dear Lord,

Please be with all those affected by the senseless killings at Virginia Tech. I pray that the victims are with you in heaven in a place of peace that is free of violence and the cares of this world. Be with the victims families who will live with this terrible memory forever. Please help them to know that their children are now in your loving arms. Give them your peace and let them know you are with them always. I pray also for the perpetrator and his family as they sort out this terrible tragedy in their family.
Give the students and faculty your peace and love and help them to move forward
with their lives.
(Church of Our Saviour Youth Group, Cocoa Beach, Florida)

Oh my Lord, watch over each and every one of us as we endure life’s challenges. Grant us the serenity to make peace with ourselves so as not to negatively affect others. Watch over the friends and families of these innocent people who have fallen in the line of fire at Virginia Tech and forgive us if we too have contributed to injustice.

(Church of Our Saviour Youth Group, Cocoa Beach, Florida)

We are left with bits and pieces of 32 lives—people we do not know personally, but are touched by soulfully and lives that are ourselves, our friends, our parents, and our families. We are full of sadness and despair but can only take the inspiration from our own souls and find a more complete life.
(Church of Our Saviour Youth Group, Cocoa Beach, Florida)

May God keep a close
watch on you all through this difficult time and help you to sort through everything that must be going through your mind. May you be soothed by the comforting sense of
His presence.

Lord, Please give the families of the Virginia Tech victims peace in their hearts and the knowledge that their family members are with you in heaven. Help the students left behind feel a peace in their college environment. Please help the world realize that this was a horrible event and please help us prevent anything happening like
this again. Amen.
-Samantha and Emily
(Church of Our Saviour Youth Group, Cocoa Beach, Florida)

May God give eternal peace and happiness to those who lost their lives and bless the families and friends of all those who were lost.

(Church of Our Saviour Youth Group, Cocoa Beach, Florida)

Lord Jesus,
We pray that the individuals that were involved in the Virginia Tech crisis may find comfort in a time of great mourning. And also that all wounds are healed emotionally and physically. Give them hope of a better tomorrow.
Keep their hearts close and never let them lose faith in You. May this dark time make the world unite and create something beauitful from the ashes.
In the Lord’s name we pray. Amen
-Sarah (grade 10) and Andrea (grade 10)

I pray for all the victims of the Virginia Tech killings, and I ask God to be with all of the families as they deal with this loss of their children. I also pray for the students that go to Virginia Tech and I hope that they are able to put this behind them and move on. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.
-Stephanie (grade 11)

O, Lord, bless the souls that have moved on to meet you at the gates of heaven and bless the families, the friends, the professors and faculty. Help them to move on and remember but not regret. Let them know that they are never alone and the ones who have passed away are in a better place.
-Brittany (grade 10) and Melody (grade 9)

Our Father who art in heaven, we trust that the victims at Virginia Tech are forever in your kingdom. Give your peace to the families who
lost loved ones, the students who lost friends, the young people who lost faith in institutions, especially those everywhere who lost hope
for their futures.
Embrace all of us and keep us in the safety and security of your love. Amen.


May the peace of the Lord be with each one of you as you heal from this tragedy. I am praying for each of you in Jesus name. Amen


May the light of our dear Lord illuminate the darkness that has fallen on the campus of Virginia Tech so that many will look to Him for hope and truth in this most difficult time. May we all find it in our hearts to imitate the forgiveness, strength and compassion that was evident in the Amish community when they too were asked to endure such enormous pain and loss. And may the students whose lives have been cut short so violently find eternal rest and peace in the arms

of our dear Savior.

-Kathryn (mother of 5)

May God help heal all thoses and may He shower everyone with special graces.

May God give eternal rest to the souls of all the faithful departed and through His mercy may they rest in the peace of God’s healing embrace. Amen

Father of love and mercy,
you assumed all of humanity
especially that of the brokenhearted.
Send forth your Spirit upon the students, faculty and staff of Virginia Tech University
to carry them and heal them during this time of pain. Help them to know they are not alone for you walk with them in the brokeness of
their journey.
May all those who have died in this tragedy rest in the embrace of your peaceful hands. May their families be comforted knowing that one day they will be reunited with God and their loved
ones in heaven.
-Fr. Jim from LI, NY

My God help guide those who were touched by this tragedy to find the peace and serenity they need at this time. Help soothe their hearts and calm their fears. Jesus, help heal their hearts and minds as they try to understand why such an event would occur. Give them the strength to move past this and build a stronger relationship with God. Let them know they are not alone and that the entire faith community is behind them.


To the college community
of Virginia Tech,
May God grant you peace and strength. Know that around the country, college campuses are praying for you. We send our love and support to you and your families.
Yours in Christ’s love,
-Vicky Hathaway

O God, we pray for our sisters and brothers who have fallen Especially the students and professors at Virginia Tech. May their university, community, friends and families Know and feel the loving embrace of God’s Love.

Mis oraciones van para todos ustedes, que puedan encontrar consuelo espiritual para poder seguir adelante. Dios les Bendiga…
-Teresita Ayala-Correa

O God, we pray for all those in our world Who are suffering from injustice: For those who are discriminated against Because of their race, color or religion; For those imprisoned For working for the relief of oppression; For those who are hounded For speaking the inconvenient truth; For those tempted to violence as a cry against overwhelming hardship; For those deprived of reasonable health and education; For those suffering from hunger and famine; For those too weak to help themselves And who have no else to help them; For the unemployed who cry out For work but do not find it. We pray for anyone of our acquaintance Who is personally affected by injustice. Forgive us, Lord, if we unwittingly share in the conditions Or in the system that perpetuates injustice.
-attributed to Mother Teresa