Response to: Intra-Office Dating

As someone who has dated people that he has worked with, I speak from experience. It’s the best of times and the worst of times.

Here’s the upside:

  • Smooches during the day are always good.
  • You always have someone to go to lunch with.
  • Work schedule conflicts are minimal.
  • Someone understands your plight when you complain about the boss.

Of course there’s always the downside:

  • Need to always look good at work.
  • Never get any work done because you’re daydreaming about what she’s doing.
  • She tells people about how romantic you are and the guys think you’re a wuss.
  • Getting that massage from your honey gets dirty looks from the boss.

Seriously, it was really hard to stay focused at work while I was in the relationship, and even harder to work with the person I was dating after the break-up.

However, if you’re in a committed relationship, working together for a common goal can be wonderful. Marion and I have both found that writing our Soul Mates column for this website has enhanced our relationship. Writing about our disagreements helps us sort things out sometimes too. So working together actually helps us from time to time.

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