Response:Taking a Sabbath Moment

Like Erin Tribble, I can often get to feeling like prayer is another item on the to do list rather than a way to just be.

I recently heard that Americans are working about 140 hours more of overtime than they did 20 years ago, and so it’s no wonder prayer time feels crunched.

While the Jews where inspired by God long ago to create the Sabbath — a whole entire day of rest and prayer and relaxation every week — we in the third millennium are challenged to seize what Los Angeles spiritual director and author Wilkie Au calls a “Sabbath Moment.”

Whenever I feel tapped out I take a Sabbath Moment:

  • At work: A fifteen minute walk around the block to notice the slightly warm winter sun settling on my skin.
  • At home: lighting a candle while washing dishes
  • Commuting: idling in my car to really listen to a song I like
  • Anytime: Using the “Tribble Method: noticing I’m still breathing and trying to do so a bit more slowly.

It’s amazing God’s empathy and desire to reach us even in our busy-ness. A few Sabbath Moments during a full day can keep me feeling rejuvenated, hopeful and more deeply appreciative of my friends, my work, life.