Busted Halo Summer School 2014

Class is in session! We’re answering questions about faith in the workplace, saints,
sacraments, and much more!

Busted Halo® is headed into the classroom for another session of summer school! In the tradition of the Busted Halo® Question Box, we’ll answer your questions of faith. You’ll be learning, doing a little homework, and digging deeper into your faith. This will probably lead to more questions!

You can send your questions of faith to our Summer School Contest and be eligible for a weekly prize (more on that later). We are making a special appeal for you to send us your most creative questions related to this year’s Summer School themes: faith in the workplace, saints, Holy Days, sacraments, renewing your faith, and differences between Catholicism and other denominations and religions. We understand that you may have other, more general inquiries on your mind about why bad things happen to good people, vocation or calling, heaven, and other topics. However, to be included in the contest, your questions must relate to the Summer School topics listed above.

How Summer School works

Each day, the relevant link in the Summer School calendar will start working, leading to a question of faith and its answer. We will give away a weekly prize to the person who submits the best question of faith related to our Summer School themes, as determined by the Busted Halo® staff. The weekly winner will receive an Amazon Kindle (wi-fi, six-inch display) and a copy of Pocket Prayers for Young Professionals by Julie Rattey. (Julie contributed an answer to this year’s Summer School. Thank you Julie!)

Entries must be accompanied by both e-mail and snail mail addresses. (Don’t worry, this info won’t be given out to anyone; it just makes it easier to track contestants and winners.) See the complete contest rules here.

All you need to do to enter is come back to our calendar, open a day and fill out an entry form, including your new question of faith. You can enter daily.

Calendar Photo Credits

June 4: “Peace of the Holy Spirit: Pentecost” is depicted in a painting by Stephen B. Whatley, an expressionist artist based in London. (CNS photo/Stephen B. Whatley)
June 21: A bride and groom hold hands on their wedding day. (CNS file photo/Jon L. Hendricks)
June 25: A Peruvian relief sculpture depicts Saints Peter and Paul. (CNS photo/Octavio Duran)
June 26: Photo courtesy of the blog reinkat.