New American Bible (NAB) with Revised New Testament and Revised Book of Psalms or NAB

The translation prepared for Catholics by the Catholic Biblical Association. The revised parts aim for more inclusive language. It is a very accurate translation and is used for the Sunday and weekday readings in the United States.

New Revised Standard Edition. or NRSV

This translation was authorized by the National Council of Churches in the United States and recently revised with some effort expended to use inclusive language. The Catholic version of it includes the deutero-canonical books. It is also very accurate and the Catholic version is used in Canada for the Sunday and weekday readings.

New Jerusalem Bible with Apocrypha: blue hardcover

A Catholic translation prepared in England in the style of the French Bible de Jerusalem. It is less literal but in clearer English. The recent revision includes some inclusive language. It has great footnotes, and it returns the ancient use of Yahweh for God instead of “the LORD” as in most translations.

NIV Study Bible, Personal Size Edition: New International Version or NIV

The very accurate translation favored by evangelical (or non-denominational) Christians. There is currently no version of it that includes the extra books Catholics hold as inspired.

The Holy Bible: King James Version (KJV), with concordance
or KJV

This is the old standard in English. An Elizabethan translation, there are versions updated to more contemporary English. Most still use the traditional “thee” and “thou” language.

Good News Bible
or TEB

This is a translation prepared by the American Bible Society that is crystal clear — very easy to understand. But it departs so far from literal translation as to be almost a paraphrase.

Reccomended Study Bibles

HarperCollins Study Bible

with Apocryphal and Deutero-conincal Texts (NRSV)

New Oxford Annotated Bible

with the Apocrypha, Expanded Edition: Revised Standard Version (RSV)

Catholic Study Bible