This guide provides you with your daily dose of scripture and meditation. From the comfort of your own desk you can find the readings used at mass each day, get a reflection on those same readings, download them into your PDA, or simply read about a saint. It’s all online!

Sacred Space
Run by the Irish Jesuits, the site gives the opportunity for a ten-minute, guided prayer everyday. We’re not just talking about a reflection that takes ten minutes to read either. The site is one of the few to use the format of computers to shape and enhance the prayer experience, instead of just providing a series of texts you can find in a library.

Minute Meditations
American Catholic gives a handy little “minute meditation” everyday. They’re often quite insightful, and really do only take a minute.

The Examen of Consciousness
An excellent chance, every evening, to make sure you’re right with God.

Taize Prayer
This style of chant-prayer comes from the Taize community, a famous ecumenical community dedicated to simplicity, peace, and quiet reflection.

Daily Scripture Meditations
Creighton University offers the best daily reflection sites in the world. Everyday, there are links to both the daily readings and an excellent reflection from a diverse cadre of writers.

The Liturgy of the Hours
One of the most ancient prayers in the Catholic tradition. It is prayed everyday by monastic communities, priests, sisters, and laypeople all over the world. It is a beautiful and incredibly rich prayers worth examining, and it can be and is prayed all throughout the day-particularly morning prayer, evening prayer, and night prayer.

Saint of the Day
Did you know that every saint has their own special day? Find out who’s day it is today at!