Song of the Summer: “Shut up and Dance”

WalktheMoonIf you’re hitting the dance floor this summer, there’s no greater song to get the body moving than Walk the Moon’s “Shut Up and Dance.”

From the amazing 80s throwback music video to the loveable geekiness of lead singer Nicholas Petricca, Walk the Moon’s self-proclaimed “dork-anthem” is a can’t-miss for your summer playlist. The energetic pop rock hit is all about getting out of your own head, living in the moment, and letting loose on the dance floor. With a beat that infects your entire body, it might be physically impossible to stay still while listening.

The feel-good track was inspired by a night out in L.A. while the band was in the midst of writing their current record, “Talking is Hard.” Petricca was complaining about long lines at the bar, when a woman walked up and told him to shut up and dance with her. A ridiculously catchy hook was born, and the Ohio natives have found themselves topping charts with the infectious hit and on their way to becoming a household name.

“Shut Up and Dance” has inspired more than one spontaneous morning dance routine as I get ready for work. I’m not even embarrassed to admit that. It’s just that good. And I’m not the only one feeling the beat. The song has even prompted this epic mashup of the some most fun and memorable dance scenes in movie history. Watch it right now.

“Shut Up and Dance” is everything you want to feel in the summer — carefree, nostalgic, excited … so “Shut Up” and listen!