#427 Will I recognize other people in Heaven?

Ever wonder what things will be like in Heaven? On this week’s podcast, Fr. Dave, Barbara and Sean, senior podcast intern,

answer two questions about what we will look like and if we will recognize people we know.

Coming Attractions from the book of Matthew — We’re finally back in Ordinary Time!

Church Search: Listener Picks from the Newman Catholic Student Center in Dekalb, Illinois.

Take a listen, then call us with your “Church Search Listener Picks.”

We really want to hear from you! Call 917-591-8476 and leave a message about why your parish is a good parish for young adults. (More details here.) And call with your questions of faith, too! Advent and Christmas are just around the corner…what do you need to know?

0:00 — Intro

6:02 — Question

20:03 — Coming Attractions

21:57 — Church Search: Listener Picks