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Andrea Bocelli on the Faith Influence Behind His Music


Internationally renowned tenor Andrea Bocelli discusses his new album, “Believe” and his Catholic faith. 

Andrea shares why he recorded the single “Gratia Plena” for the “Fatima” film released earlier this year. “I think it’s a very important message for everybody,” he explains. “Especially in this moment. Fatima is a place where everybody can experience an incredible spirituality. I’ve been there. I sang in concert there and it’s a great memory for me.”

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Father Dave points out that Andrea has described his new album as being based on faith, hope, and charity. He asks Andrea why he chose these themes. “This period of time is a very particular period for everybody,” Andrea responds. “I was alone for many, many days. For this reason, I thought that it was a good moment for an album because people are basically in need of spirituality. And I have beautiful memories of being a child in church with my grandma and with my family, singing many of these songs on this album.”

Andrea discusses what his faith means to him. “Faith is a core element that gradually grew inside of me. It sprang in my soul when I was still a child, and I also had some moments where my faith was not so strong. I had moments where my faith went backwards. But at a certain point in everybody’s life, you wonder what’s the meaning of your life and your existence. From a philosophical standpoint, I’ve never believed in random things or luck. Nothing happens just for the sake of it. Therefore, there must be someone who created the world. This is the foundation of my faith.”

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“I don’t look for faith during difficult moments in my life. It’s not just something I use whenever I’m struggling. This is not the aim. Instead, faith for me, is a requirement, an intellectual requirement.” 

Andrea reflects on his historic performance in Milan’s cathedral this past Easter. He shares that he only agreed to the performance as a prayer, and not as a concert. He explains that his desire was to pray through his singing. “Saint Augustine says, ‘Whoever sings prays twice.’ So, my singing was a prayer for everyone around the world who were and are still suffering.”

Father Dave compliments Andrea on his humility, and asks how he remains humble having so much success. “I don’t know. Humility is something that’s given. Not being humble is a big intellectual mistake. We all have gifts we receive. The beauty of a girl who was born beautiful — her beauty is not by her own merit. The talent of Beethoven or Mozart was not by their own merit. It’s the merit of whoever instilled it in them. So, being humble means being wise.” (Original Air 11-12-20)