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Brett Seeks a Sign from God


During a Team Busted Halo chat on the air, Brett shares that he has been feeling overwhelmed lately, but feels unworthy to ask God for what he wants. He explains that he asked God for a sign to confirm that God is listening, and God delivered! Father Dave also offers some encouraging words for all who struggle with asking God for help.

“I don’t like getting caught up in my own mind. So, today it got particularly bad … I had a big pit in my stomach … And I started to pray. I’m hesitant to say it, but I don’t pray that often. Part of the reason why I wanted to talk to you is because it’s always pretty complicated for me because I don’t want to ask for stuff. Because, to be honest, I don’t feel like I deserve it.”

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Brett explains that he has everything he needs: great friends, family, and resources, and he feels unworthy of asking for God’s help because sometimes he feels like he’s not a good enough person. He explains, “So between those two things I find myself saying ‘I’ll take care of this,’ instead of asking God.” Brett shares that he texted a friend for advice who suggested asking for the self-love to be okay with accepting help.

“Both friends I texted asked if I ever look for signs that I’m getting help. I’ve always had issues with signs … but I’ve been obsessed with this classic song for six or seven months. I’ve been putting it on every day multiple times a day. And I decided to give it a shot.” Brett shares that he asked God for a sign that he is listening, and immediately heard his favorite song playing over the speakers at SiriusXM.

“I lost my mind, Father Dave!”

Father Dave encourages Brett, “God wants you to ask for his help … when we say ‘I’m not worthy,’ absolutely none of us are worthy. We’re all in the same boat. So why should all those other people get to ask God for stuff and I don’t? Just because we want to punish ourselves … If you sometimes feel unworthy to ask God for help, right now is the time to work through that, because God desires us to approach him no matter what. When we put these human qualities on God, we limit him. God is not finite like us, you can ask God for the whole world and he’s not limited by that.” (Original Air 1-07-19)