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Father Dave 30-Day Challenge Check-In


At the halfway mark in the Father Dave 30-Day Challenge, Brett, Mike, and Father Dave check in with Christina to report their progress. After a trip to St. Louis, it seems that Father Dave and Mike may have “veered off slightly.” (If you want to see video evidence of how Mike and Father Dave slightly veered — or as Brett puts it, “veered all the way off the road” — check out this video clip of Father Dave, Brett, Mike, and Cardinal Dolan at a Steak ’n Shake in St. Louis.) Plus, Father Dave relays some humorous challenges from his lunch with the Busted Halo interns, and even though he forgot to do a weigh-in himself this morning, Brett arranges for Father Dave to do one right in the studio. Mike, on the other hand, has had a slight spike post-St. Louis, but he’s still on target to reach his goal of losing 15 pounds by the end of the challenge.

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Brett reveals something he’s learned about himself and his own discipline this year during the 30-Day Challenge: “The times that I ever break either this challenge or a Lenten promise or anything like that, it’s not really the object itself or the challenge itself [that tempts me, but rather] it’s the pressure from other people that I get, and I fold pretty easily [in those situations].”

Father Dave expounds upon this theme: “Pursuant to what you’re saying — that it’s more about you than about the food item — I always [say to] people who call in during Lent when they say, ‘Oh, but there were some pass-arounds and I didn’t want to insult the host…’ People who do [give something up] for different reasons, [like] somebody who chooses to be a vegetarian for instance — they’re going to say that [just being straightforward about it is] the answer. When [someone] says, ‘Why don’t you have some prosciutto?’, the answer is, ‘Well, I’m a vegetarian.’”

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Even though our annual Father Dave 30-Day Challenge ends next week, you can still participate, or you can start your own 30-Day Challenge! Ordinary Time is a great time to give yourself an extra goal or spiritual discipline. And if you’ve been participating in the 30-Day Challenge along with us, head over to the Busted Halo Facebook page and let us know how you’re doing. (Original Air 08-03-17)