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Do We Have to Go to Mass Twice on Christmas Eve?


In this podcast, Father Dave answers the question of whether or not we have to go to Mass twice this Christmas. Josh calls into the show and asks, “Christmas is on a Monday this year, so I’m thinking, on Sunday, do I go to church twice?”

Father Dave points out that most people are wondering whether Mass on Christmas Eve, which is on a Sunday this year, counts for both the Sunday obligation and Christmas, a Holy Day of Obligation in the Church. He explains that attending only one Mass will not fulfill both obligations.

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However, he says, “I know of one or two dioceses where the bishop has said it’s difficult on the parish, let’s just say it’s no problem. But I don’t know too many who have done that. Very few.” Father Dave says that unless the bishop of your diocese has explicitly provided for an exception, our Sunday obligation for the fourth Sunday of Advent would need to be met, as well as the Christmas Mass obligation. (Original Air 12-15-17)

Photo credit: Children dressed as angels carry candles as they attend Christmas Mass at a Catholic church in Beijing Dec. 24. (CNS photo/Kim Kyung-Hoon, Reuters)