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How Do We Love Our Neighbors?


Jesus preached about the importance of loving our neighbors no matter the cost, but sometimes the act of loving our neighbor is a lot easier said than done. We get discouraged when we see and hear things in the news about people, groups, and organizations not respecting their neighbors. In this podcast, Father Dave responds to a caller who is having trouble loving her neighbor when it comes to those of the Islamic faith. Father Dave offers some words of advice, along with another caller who summarizes a homily he heard about loving your neighbor.

Father Dave encourages our caller to love those in her community, “It is very difficult to love our neighbor, but it is what we are called to do…We struggle by saying ‘It is really difficult to love this person’ but we do it anyway…The problem in our culture is that we make huge leaps that are unwarranted in terms of making assumptions or generalizations about people. Jesus tells us to love our enemies. We can’t ever jump to the point where we can ever rationalize not loving our enemies or saying it doesn’t apply in this case. We are always called to love them.” (Original Air 09-26-16)