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I Still Believe: How Loss Deepened Jeremy Camp’s Faith


Christian music star Jeremy Camp discusses the new film, “I Still Believe,” based on his autobiography.

Jeremy explains the story behind the film. “It’s a love story. It’s me meeting my first wife, Melissa, who I instantly fell in love with because I could tell that she had such a loving relationship with Jesus that was unmatched by anybody I’d ever met. The whole story is me going out to college, meeting her and kind of the ups and downs of falling in love. We found out before we even got engaged that she had cancer. I remember she said to me, ‘Jeremy, if I die from this cancer and one person is changed and gives their life to Jesus, it’s all worth it.’ And that rocked my world. And it really described the person that she was. 

Unfortunately, we knew going into the marriage that we were uncertain what was going to happen, even though we prayed for healing. She went to be with our Lord a few months into the marriage. [The movie] shows the heartache and the grief, but at the end of the film you don’t walk away feeling hopeless. There’s so much hope. I take a deep breath and see God’s hand and faithfulness. It’s beautiful.”

“In the film, you’ll see how God used that pain and used those songs that came from that time to thrust me into the point where I’m able to share my story … This experience of losing my wife sparked an absolute transformation in my faith. Growing up in a Christian home, I read my Bible … But it wasn’t until I was faced with this tragedy that it really made me go, ‘Okay, am I going to really believe in what I’ve learned and believe the Scriptures that I’ve read growing up? Am I going to really trust God?’ I didn’t understand the depth of what Christ went through until this … I found myself at the foot of the Cross after this going, okay, you know, all right Lord, I’m all yours… So it was a definite transformation of going from things that I know in my head to really believing in it in my heart.”

“I Still Believe” will be released in theaters nationwide on Friday, March 13.