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Saints of Our Lives: Joan of Arc


“Saints of Our Lives” features Team Busted Halo acting out the lives of the saints in soap opera fashion for your educational and entertainment pleasure. In this episode, we dramatize the life of St. Joan of Arc!

Joan of Arc was the fifth child born in the early 1400s to peasant farmers in Champagne, France. Joan loved to sit by her mother’s side spinning wool from their sheep.

During her childhood, England invaded France during the Hundred Years’ War. At age 13, Joan began to experience supernatural visions of the saints and hear voices of divine messengers like Saint Michael the Archangel. Saint Michael told her to join the French army. Although she tried to ignore this message,  she eventually attempted sign up for the army, but was rejected because she was a woman.

Joan continued to hear these promptings to join the army, and tried again by meeting with the king of France. She told him that without her, France would not win the war. The king was hesitant, but allowed her to join when one of her predictions about the outcome of the Battle of Rouvray came true. He suggested that she dress like a man for her safety.

Joan’s military success boosted French morale and paved the way for France’s victory. However, Joan was captured by the English. She was sentenced to be burned at the stake and had two priests stand by her side holding crucifixes. In May of 1431. Joan was martyred at the age of 19 and eventually became a symbol of French unity and freedom.