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The Busted Halo Show Reacts to the Overturning of Roe v. Wade


Every Monday on the Busted Halo Show, Father Dave asks the listeners what they heard at Mass over the weekend. However, following the historic reversal of Roe v. Wade last Friday, he asked a different question: Was the Supreme Court’s decision mentioned at all at Mass?

Listeners called in all evening to share their experiences; some heard entire homilies on the subject, while others did not hear it discussed at all. One caller named Paula noted that it was part of the weekly petitions at Mass, but she also expressed her feelings about her friends’ and family’s anger following the Supreme Court’s decision. “I felt alone,” she said regarding her pro-life stance, “Everything exploded on social media…I had to message one of my cousins and say I need a new circle of people, because I don’t feel like anybody is in my circle with me.” Father Dave empathized with her and reminded us that even Jesus was rejected. He noted that in times like these, we may be persecuted for our faith.

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Another listener, Nancy, called into the show for the first time and told Team Busted Halo about her priest’s homily. “He started out by saying he had mixed feelings,” she said, “Because although it’s a time to celebrate that Roe v. Wade was overturned, he was mourning the fact that hearts haven’t overturned.” Father Dave agreed that now is the time that we need to change people’s hearts, not just the law.

One caller named Joe did not hear the Supreme Court’s decision brought up at Mass at all, but noted his own conflicted feelings on the subject. He said that while he is not pro-abortion, he does not think that women will have equal rights “so long as their bodies are governed.” 

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While Team Busted Halo loves hearing from listeners, we also know the importance of hearing the wisdom of the Church on such a divisive topic. Father Dave read from both the USCCB Statement following the ruling, as well as the New York State Bishops’ response