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The Weight of First Impressions: Mike and Christina on Dating

Father Dave recounts for Brett that he recently saw Mike and Christina having a disagreement in the studio, but couldn’t hear what was being said. So he puts them on the spot and, in his fatherly way, asks: “Okay, younguns, what were you fighting about?”

Mike softens the context, clarifying that it wasn’t a big argument like Father Dave and Brett playfully suggest: “It was a difference of opinion. I don’t think in this case that I was right or [Christina] was right, or that either one of us was wrong.” Then, he gives the background of the discussion: “Christina mentioned in passing that she had a friend going on a first date, and [this friend] wasn’t exactly happy to be going on the first date, [because] she wasn’t particularly interested in the gentleman she was [seeing]. But ultimately, she decided to go on that date.”

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Christina says her friend decided to go on the date because she felt guilty that the guy she would go out with had already spent time planning the date–if she canceled now, the friend said she would feel badly. Christina told her, “You’re going to feel even worse when he wants to go on a second date.” The friend went anyway, only to have a lackluster time at best. When this story came up in conversation with Mike, Christina says: “I think that if you’re not interested in someone, you shouldn’t go on a date with them. Mike’s point was that you should give them a chance, because you might end up liking them.”

This leads to an illuminating on-air discussion between Father Dave, Brett, Mike, and Christina on the balance of first impressions, pre-conceived notions, giving someone a chance, and respecting yourself and your own time.