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What’s With the Timing of the Sign of Peace?


A listener named Sam asks why we exchange the sign of peace during the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

Father Dave responds that the sign of peace is more than a greeting, like one we might offer to others when we arrive at Mass.  “The reason we exchange the sign of peace when we do is because of what we are praying for during the Eucharistic prayer.”

He also points out that the prayers we pray during this part of the Mass go hand-in-hand with the sign of peace, “We are praying just as much about us, this community of individuals who are all in original sin, and are different and diverse people, coming together as one. We pray just as much about that as we do about the Holy Spirit making the bread and wine the body and blood of Jesus Christ.”

Father Dave points out that because of the Eucharistic prayer and Christ’s presence in the Sacrament, we are celebrating our unity during this time in the Mass, making the period before Communion a fitting time to exchange the sign of peace. Original Air 8-19-19