Can the Pope’s interpretation of scripture be wrong?

A Pope is a human being like any of us, so the fact of being the leader of the Church does not mean he is always right, i.e. the Pope says eating Cheerios is better than eating Raisin Bran for breakfast. The Pope is not “infallible” in this sense.

If you are asking if a Pope is always said to interpret scripture “infallibly,” the answer is no, because the definition of papal infallibility is very narrowly defined by the Church. In fact, no Pope has ever invoked papal infallibility when interpreting scripture. On the other hand, we are always called to seriously and prayerfully consider what the Pope teaches or preaches, as he does have extensive knowledge of scripture. Also, he has at his disposal the expertise of influential and well-esteemed scriptural scholars like those on the Pontifical Biblical Commission, a department under him.