Can you tell me about Mormons and their “Temples” – is that the same thing as their ward?

The two are very different. In Latter Day Saint (“Mormon”) polity, a ward denotes a large local congregation. Smaller local congregations are called branches. A ward is presided over by a “bishop,” a position which is analogous to a pastor in most other denominations.

A temple is different in that while it may also be used for worship and prayer, its primary purpose is to be a “house of the Lord” wherein the rituals or “ordinances” of the religion take place. This includes baptisms, weddings, and other important rituals for both the living and the dead. Unfortunately, for reasons of ritual purity, non-Mormons may not visit the inside of a temple once it has been dedicated. However, if you get a chance to attend an open house at a temple before it is dedicated, it’s worth a look.