Has Pope Francis written anything about Mary in the past?

Great question and it sure did take some sleuthing! Pope Francis (formerly Cardinal- Archbishop Jose Mario Bergoglio) has written many beautiful homilies and addresses extolling the faithful to an ever greater love for and imitation of Mary. In a particularly moving lecture given in 2010 at the 49th International Eucharistic Conference, then-Cardinal Bergoglio writes about Mary as model for all followers of Jesus. Receiving Christ with trust and hope, she teaches us how to receive the Eucharist and how to live in perfect friendship with God. Many of our new Holy Father’s earlier homilies have yet to be translated from Spanish into English, but they can be accessed here. We can also garner from his entrustment of his papacy to Mary’s protection, his visit to one of the world’s preeminent Marian shrines in the early hours of his papacy, and his personal dedication to rosary that Pope Francis will seek to help the Church live out Mary’s words of hope, transformation, and radical justice found in the Magnificat.