Why hasn’t my house been sold if I buried a statue of St. Joseph upside down in my backyard?

Burying the statue of St Joseph in your backyard offers no guarantee of the house actually being sold.  What it does offer is that St Joseph will pray for a successful sale of your home.
That sale may just take some time.  Perhaps he is looking for the right buyer, or the right time, or when the economy is better?  Who knows?  But suffice it to say that burying the second statue certainly can’t hurt your chances of it being sold–nor is it something that you shouldn’t do.  Burying the statue upside down is simply an old ritual that people developed themselves and that some have found success with.  But it’s not a magical formula that guarantees a sale–that would mean that we can control God and what God has in mind for us.

The point here is to be mindful of where God is leading you with this sale.  Perhaps God is suggesting that you rent the house and use that as
additional income until a better time and a better housing market exists?  Perhaps God sees you moving back soon?  Or perhaps there is just nobody that can afford to buy it and God is asking you to be mindful of the economic situation that we all are enduring right now.  Perhaps a more practical solution exists for now?

Please know of our prayers for you at this time and we hope that you can sell your home soon.  Be patient and think deeply about other solutions as well.  There may be something else that God has in mind for you at this time.