How should we train lectors in our local parish?

Lectors should be properly trained to not only READ the Word of God, but also PROCLAIM the Word of God…and a few simple steps can prepare your lectors for proclaiming the Word from the highest hill-tops!

The simplest way to prepare Lectors for worship is to give them the scripture reading in advance. Scheduling lectors so they know when and what they are reading is a great first step for an effective lector ministry. Second, it is helpful for readers to have a Lector Workbook along with their assigned scripture reading. This workbook provides the Sunday readings, a pronunciation guide and often a commentary on the readings for the lector. Such Lector guides are available through Liturgy Training Publications. LTP also has a variety of other resources to help Lectors in the proclamation of the Word.

Finally, one last step for an effective parish lector ministry is to create a scripture study for lectors. Each week, lectors can come together (whether they are reading the next Sunday or not) to proclaim and discuss the readings for the next Sunday. This small faith group can help lectors to proclaim the word of God in more effective and provocative ways.

Julianne E. Wallace is the director of campus ministry at Alvernia University in Reading, Pennsylvania. She is currently working on a D.Min. in Educational Leadership from Virginia Theological Seminary. She earned an M.T.S. in Word and Worship from the Washington Theological Union in Washington, D.C. and a B.A. in Music Performance from the University of Mary Washington in Virginia. Julianne is passionate about sharing the joy of liturgy with others and helping everyone to worship well.