If I don’t like my Catholic Church on Campus how might I find a new one?

Here are three possibilities:

1) You could simply ask someone on the parish staff what other Catholic churches are in your area.

2) Look up Catholic churches with a simple google search and then visit ones nearby.

3) Or you could call the diocesan chancery office (number obtainable from secretary at your campus ministry office) and ask for the names and telephone numbers of Catholic parishes in the area where you live. Your diocese’s youth and young adult office might also know the parishes that particularly cater to young adults as well.

A final thought: You may wish to inform your local campus ministry director of your feelings and allow him or her to hear what it is that makes you uncomfortable. Often directors like to engage students in making sometimes necessary changes at Campus Churches, especially when local traditions sometimes become route and need to be refreshed. Do this with kindness and with a desire to want to stay on campus but also with an open heart to hearing the director’s side of the story. I would also be specific as to what isn’t speaking to your experience. Is it the style of the presider? Is it the preaching? The Music? Do you not feel welcome? Is it too much unlike your church experience elsewhere? I’d also ask your friends how they feel about mass, perhaps they have similar thoughts and you are raising something that needs to be heard by the staff. All are good for the conversation and if changes are unable to take place, ask to be directed to another local parish nearby.

Editor’s Note: Mike Hayes contributed to this answer.