If I Don’t Like the Music at Mass, What Should I do?

There are several thoughts that I’d like to share about this. The first being a simple one. You can talk to your pastor about how you might improve the “performance” aspect of the music at mass–which is what I think you are really referring to. Perhaps you are a good singer and can offer your own gifts and talents here.

The second thought is that perhaps this is an opportunity to be mindful. To consider that the music wasn’t really composed for you to like or dislike. Rather, this was someone’s prayer. The composer sat down and wrote a piece of music designed not to move US, but rather, to move GOD.

Now some would also say “If THAT music was made to move God, than perhaps one may have failed in their attempt.”

While I think we often bring a consumeristic bent to attending mass (we want to GET good music, a good homily and a great feeling) at times this is not what people are really craving. They are looking for a place where they feel comfortable enough to sing with the rest of the congregation. Frankly, there are some places that don’t allow that to happen. One could very well search for a place where they do feel more apt to hurl themselves into the liturgy headlong and be moved by the music that is performed there enough to sing along. Inspiration indeed counts for something and therefore going where one is moved not to listen to music, but to participate themselves in the entire liturgy is something I would encourage you to do.