My employee wears very revealing clothing on the job. How should I address this with her?

Does your workplace have a dress code? If so, remind your employee that when she was hired she agreed to follow it. Review the dress code with her during her performance evaluation or at another appropriate opportunity. If you’re a man, you might ask a trusted female colleague to have this conversation with your employee; she may even be able to make tactful suggestions about wardrobe adaptations. Consider this an opportunity to help your employee learn an important lesson and improve her professional demeanor.

If you don’t have a dress code, this might be the time to institute one. It’s important to keep expectations clear and consistent so that no individual feels targeted; it’s also important that your employees understand how their personal presentation affects the success of your business, so focus on what kind of dress is necessary for the image your business wants to project. Human resources personnel or small business support organizations should be able to help you, because in our increasingly casual and highly sexualized culture, your dilemma is commonplace.