Should We Drink and Gamble at a Church Festival?

Question: Why is it okay that we have Church Festivals where excessive drinking and gambling occur? I thought we believed those things were only okay in moderation.

Freedom is one of the main tenets of the Catholic faith. Just because booze and gaming tables are around doesn’t mean that you need to partake in them.

However, to your point, there should be a limit set by the bartenders to “cut off” those that have “had enough” and even for the gambler who doesn’t know when to quit–although that is a lot harder to control. A good compromise might be to give a free table to AA and GA at those events to help those who have addictive tendencies in case they need to reach out to someone.

But in general, these functions serve as fund raisers for the church and as long as they keep these things in control then there is no moral reason to stop having them.