Monday, August 1, 2022

Prayer Requests

  • Patti: For her good friend John who is having surgery for sepsis tomorrow
  • Sue: For her 97-year-old cousin Ruth who is in the hospital with pneumonia, and for her daughter Susie who is at her side
  • Kevin: For his cousin Brian who has brain cancer, and for himself as he navigates multiple jobs and school
  • Carrie: For herself as she battles ovarian cancer for the fourth time, going for treatment tomorrow
  • Martha: For a priest in her diocese Fr. Dan who is battling cancer, and his fellow priests covering for him while he’s away
  • Marge: For her sister Charlene who hit her head and is dealing with brain bleeding. For her brother Jerry who has been put on hospice by his daughter in a complicated family situation
  • Dolores: For the healing of her marriage and for all marriages
  • Andrea: For her and her husband as they move to a new state
  • Kathleen: For her friend Karen who is having breast cancer surgery on Friday, and for other friends who are trying to get pregnant
  • Brett: For the repose of the souls of Bill Russell and Nichelle Nichols who recently passed away. For his brother Beau who is dealing with heart issues