Monday, December 2, 2019

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Prayer Requests

  • Gary: For his brother Alan who was recently diagnosed with melanoma. And for himself as he prepares for retirement.
  • Dee: For both of her granddaughters who are struggling in school.
  • Marisol: For guidance and wisdom for her pastor, Fr. Julio.
  • Mandy: For her mother-in-law, Dorothy who is having open heart surgery tomorrow.
  • Susan: For her sister, Mary Ann, who lost her husband to Alzheimer’s.
  • Kay: For her parish deacon who is having surgery this week.
  • Kathy: For her son, Gordon, who suffers from PTSD and has been feeling down lately.
  • Monica: For her nephew, Cody, who is in the hospital with Chron’s disease.
  • Sylvia: For her cousin, Andrea, who is having kidney issues
  • Greg: For his wife, Roxanne, who is suffering with MS, for his son who is having seizures, and for their daughter who is suffering with anxieties.
  • Carl: For himself as he prepares for cataract surgery tomorrow
  • Dominic: For his cousin Landon, who is having a difficult time after losing his grandmother
  • Christine: For her daughter who is having surgery tomorrow
  • Joan: For Michelle, suffering from severe depression
  • Jon: For his sister-in-law who is suffering with cancer for the second time.