Monday, February 12, 2018

Prayer Requests

  • Lizze: For her dad, John, who is having surgery
  • Nancy: For herself, as she looks for a new job. & for her dad’s wife Fran, who has dementia
  • Joanne: For herself, having surgery on Thursda
  • Dawn: For her mom, Marceia, who is having back surgery soon
  • Tina: For her husband, Herman, who is on his way to the Philippines.
  • Cheryl: For her husband, Sam, who is a Vietnam veteran, for his health
  • Daniel: For his son, Francisco, who recently graduated and is launching a business
  • Sandra: For her mom and for herself and they grieve the loss of four family members
  • Jackie: For her husband, Darryl, who has MS and is undergoing experimental treatment
  • John: For his mom, Florence, who passed away last week
  • Lorraine: For her daughter, Michaela, who is suffering from Lyme disease.
  • Susie: For 5 students who were recently in a severe car accident
  • Frank: For his wife, Gayleen, who is suffering from Chrones and celiac disease.