Monday, January 6, 2020

Prayer Requests

  • Steve: For himself as he prepares to have surgery this Friday.
  • Margarita: For herself, and for her daughter Stephanie who is having eye surgery.
  • Daniel: For his cousins Michael, Michelle, and Bonnie who are battling cancer. And for his wife, Claudia, as she suffers emotionally from this.
  • Matt: For his co-worker Bob who passed away on New Years Eve.
  • Darryl: For his mom who is having her pacemaker changed soon.
  • Joe: For him and his wife as they prepare for their baby to arrive this month, and for job security.
  • Mary: For her niece Kelly who lost her job.
  • Christina: For healing.
  • Shirley: For herself as she suffers from cancer and is in need of a liver transplant
  • Lori: For her family as the birthday of their daughter Gracie approaches a few months after her passing.
  • Brett: For his uncle Paul who passed away last week.
  • Leah: For herself and her children, Helen and Henry, as they prepare to move to a new city.
  • Christian: For his cousin who has a brain tumor and for all of his intentions.
  • Maria: For her sister, Laura who is suffering with brain cancer.