Monday, January 9, 2017

  • BIG announcement! The next Father Dave and Lino (and Brett) pilgrimage — In the Footsteps of Saint Paul — will take place this June and travel throughout parts of Greece, Italy, and Ephesus!
  • Busted Halo’s Holiday Fund Drive continues for just a few more hours! You can support Busted Halo and double your dollars by going to now!
  • We hear a classic homily from Father Dave about Epiphany. Friendly reminder: You can find all of Father Dave’s homilies here.
  • We play a fresh interview from the SEEK2017 Conference with Madalena DeAndrea from the FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) organization in CU-Boulder.

Prayer Requests

  • Giovanni – for his 2-year-old son Gabriel
  • Mike Peyko – for the soul and family of Connor, a high school friend that recently and unexpectedly passed
  • Liz – for herself as she is an ICU doctor so she will do and say the right thing for her patients
  • Sam – for his family
  • Ken – for his mother Linda who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer
  • Claudia – for his brother Tim who had an aortic aneurysm and his lost his job and wife
  • Father Greg – for St. Augustine of Cantebury and their adult catechesis programs at the parish
  • Floyd – for the veterans shelter that he volunteers at that had to cancel mass due to sickness
  • Anastasia – for her grandmother who was in a car accident
  • Ed – for him and his wife Maureen who are going through a tough time
  • Jorge – for his mother Aida and her sister Cynthia, who have not seen each other in three years