Monday, July 02, 2018

Prayer Requests

  • Augie: For his granddaughter, Lily Faye, for the healing of the hole in her heart.
  • Jeanie: For herself to find a better job and for her health.
  • Jim: For Junior was was recently murdered in New York by a gang.
  • Greg: For himself as he struggles with financial problems.
  • Michelle: For her friend MJ who needs surgery and for a friend recovering from a knee
  • Teresa: For her two year old nephew, Liam, who is suffering from incurable brain cancer.
  • Thomas: For his parents, Thomas and Sarah, that God would restore their health. And for his mother-in-law Anna who is suffering from depression.
  • Tammy: For her son and daughter-in-law, Alex & Ashleigh, that they will conceive a child.