Monday, July 19, 2021

  • Father Dave will be answering your questions in the Diocese of Cleveland over beer and brats on July 25. He will also be presiding at Mass at 7PM at St. Peter Parish. Click here for more info.

Prayer Requests

  • Sylvia: For her daughter Mireya who is having scoliosis surgery in a few weeks.
  • Paul: For his wife Catherine who seems to be having a miscarriage.
  • Matt: For his friend Tanner whose grandma passed away last week.
  • Brett: For his friend Michael who is suffering the aftermath of a stroke and aneurysm.
  • Christina: For her sister today on her 22nd birthday.
  • Gustavo: For his wife Diana who is in ICU, and for his family.
  • Fran: For her parish ministry to be able to have a successful retreat.
  • Christine: For herself and her siblings who are reuniting after a falling out.
  • Victor: For his son Benjamin and his future daughter-in-law Olivia to get married in the Church.
  • Elaine: For herself as she suffers from liver cancer and awaits CT scan results.