Monday, March 13, 2023

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  • It’s been 10 years since Pope Francis was elected! Here is video of Father Dave and Lino Rulli broadcasting live on SiriusXM’s Catholic Channel when he was first introduced.

Prayer Requests

  • Mary: Herself, as she recently crashed on her bike
  • Kirsten: For mom Vallie who is undergoing cancer treatment and upcoming CT scans, plus searching for a job
  • Matt: For his friend Don who is traveling
  • Angela: For her friend Kelly who has pancreatic cancer
  • Karen: For all educators
  • Brett: Echos Karen’s prayer for teachers, including his wife Brittany
  • Krista: For herself and her daughter Carmen as she starts to throw more tantrums, and for all parents bringing their kids to Mass and doing their best
  • Liliana and son Benjamin: For her friend Karen who
  • Jennifer: For her friend Anna who is on maternity leave, but was also just diagnosed with breast cancer and is receiving treatment