Monday, March 4, 2019

Prayer Requests

  • Gracie: For all who suffer from childhood cancer.
  • John: For his friend, Sheila who lost her husband, Ted recently. And for his friend Brian, who lost his father, Michael 14 years ago today.
  • Angela: For herself, as she has a knee replacement this week. For her friend Barbara who is having back surgery. And for her friend Shane who has cancer.
  • Matt: For himself as he celebrates his 40th birthday today.
  • John: For all of the souls in purgatory.
  • Kirk: For his godfather, Pierre
  • Laura: For her Confirmation saints.
  • Deann: For her family who is having a hard time after the loss of their brother, Dirk.
  • Mary: For the repose of the soul of Hannah.
  • Jim: For his brother, Kenny who is having surgery on his bladder, and his nephew, Scott who has terminal cancer.
  • Sherry: For herself, to grow in self confidence and to put herself out there to find a job.
  • Joyce: For her husband Jim, who had a traumatic brain injury. And for her daughter, Janna, who is pregnant with her fourth child.
  • Brett: For all who were killed by the tornado in Alabama today and their families.
  • Bob: For himself, that God will continue to keep him sober and look after him.