Monday, October 17, 2019

Prayer Requests

  • Julianna: For her son Raul to stay on a good path.
  • Gary: In thanksgiving for
  • Tricia: For her daughter who is struggling with anxiety
  • Darryl: For his son who was deployed to Afghanistan
  • Wayne: For his mom who is having a procedure done tomorrow and for himself
  • Carl: In thanksgiving for his friend Greg who is making progress in healing from addiction
  • Lonnie for her son who is trying to become a deacon
  • Kim: For her father Jack who is undergoing chemo and radiation
  • Trinidad: For her granddaughter whose brain isn’t growing in the womb, and for the baby’s mother, Luciana
  • Christie: For herself as she struggles with her faith and for her own personal discernment
  • Jackie: For her pastor, Fr. Richard who is having open heart surgery tomorrow
  • Mona: For her aunt Jane who is in hospice
  • Christine: For herself as she was diagnosed with congenital heart failure
  • Susan: For 3 family members who were diagnosed with cancer, Carol, Gayle, and Norma