Monday, September 19, 2022

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Prayer Requests

  • Kendra: For her son Bruce who has knee surgery tomorrow, and for her husband George who will have an MRI also for his knees
  • Libby: For Hewlett III, following a 12-hour aortic dissection surgery
  • Crystal: For her daughter Olivia who has some abnormal test results, and for herself as she struggles with this stress
  • Gabby: For herself, she is driving home from a biopsy currently. She prays that God will give her the strength to handle whatever the results are.
  • Aaron: For his friend Val who will be going home to the Lord soon
  • Jess: For her son Nicholas who is dealing with anxiety during a stressful time
  • Elizabeth: For unborn babies and their mothers grappling with difficult situations. Also prays for upcoming elections and pro-life issues.
  • Maria: For her son John who is studying abroad in Japan, for his safety and his conversion
  • Matt: For his friends Jennifer, Samuel and Joe who are traveling