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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Prayer Requests:

  • Caitlin: For her cat Bailey
  • Allie: For her son’s 13 year old friend who passed away.
  • Pat: For her husband Charles as he enters the Church this Easter.
  • Melanie: For a job interview to go well.
  • Dwan: For herself, that God would heal her heart that is 3 times its normal size
  • Marie: For her daughter, Beth and her husband, who are suffering with fertility problems. And for her son,Christopher, on his birthday this month who passed away in Iraq.
  • Beverly: For Notre Dame Cathedral and the Paris community
  • Iris: For Sr. Maureen and Mary Anne who passed away
  • Ken: For Fr. Dave to feel better
  • Deb: For Anne and Paul and her nephew, Travis
  • Jen: For Fr. Tom who is having health issues
  • Deb: For Anne and Paul, and her nephew, Travis and his health
  • Jean: For her 3 month old grandson, who is having his third open heart surgery this month
  • Amy: For her parish community that had a shooting during Palm Sunday Mass
  • Maria: For her ex husband to allow her son to continue with CCD and receive his First Communion
  • Jennifer: In thanksgiving for an answered prayer and for her father who has cancer
  • Joe: For his wife, Lori who is suffering with back problems