If God created the heavens and earth, what about life on other planets? Can I believe in God and extraterrestrial beings?

When we look at the two stories of creation in Genesis (yes, there are twolook them up), we read not a literal story but a mythological one, in the best sense of that term. The point of the story is that God cares for creation and human beings have a primary place as a special creation of God.

Science holds that there is the possibility of life on other planets. Mathematically speaking, it is quite possible that life may exist elsewhere in other galaxies.

The Church would take a humble position before God in stating that we do not know all things. Only God knows the origins and the hidden secrets of the universe. Therefore, should we discover life on other planets, we would believe that God was the creator of those beings. Our belief in God can in fact, deepen our experience of scientific discovery.

In Providentissimus Deus (On the Study of Holy Scripture) Pope Leo XIII stated emphatically that the writers of sacred scripture did not intend to teach people the nature of the visible universe.

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from Mike Hayes and the Busted Halo Question Box