Does God care where I work?

Certainly. However, the question that remains is whether you are using your gifts and talents to the best of your abilities. We all have a vocation — a calling — to express ourselves for who God has gifted us to be. For some of us, that calling directly relates to the way we make a living. For others, it may not relate directly, but instead relates to how we spend our time in other ways. A father may see fatherhood as his central vocation and therefore spend less time courting business clients to spend more time with his family. Another may see providing justice as her/his central vocation and spend much of her/his time working to end inequality in the world.

God certainly, at minimum, cares that you do not work somewhere where there is injustice toward others or where you are being taken advantage of by others. Also, God cares to see you work in a place that uses your talents to serve others. Lastly, a question to ask is whether your work is immoral. Embezzlers, drug dealers, human traffickers, etc., are not fulfilling the demands of justice with their work, but instead cause chaos in the world and need to be called to conversion.

from Mike Hayes and the Busted Halo Question Box