The Poor Get Poorer

First, a heartwarming story out of Boston. Glen James, a homeless man in his 50s, was walking through a parking lot when he noticed a…

Circling Up To Protect the Poor

As Congress struggles with how to create a national budget, and with hundreds of billions of dollars of cuts to the military, federal agencies, and social service programs looming, a group of religious leaders released a letter this week reminding elected officials of their duty to the poor and marginalized.

If You’re Running for President, Poor People Don’t Matter

Last week, I realized poor people don’t matter.

I was spending some time in New York City — specifically Manhattan’s Upper West Side. I met with a friend for lunch at an Italian restaurant a few blocks from Central Park. We were in one of New York’s more posh neighborhoods, home to the wealthy who have the time and money to enjoy all that New York has to offer.