Tips for Summer Spirituality

The Highlight Reel

As temperatures soar, with BBQs, baseball and busy schedules, our faith life can take a back seat, so we want to offer you a condensed version of Fr. Jim Martin’s Tips for Summer Spirituality.

Busted Halo’s first ever Behind the Scenes event, with Fr. Jim Martin, SJ, was a great success with over 150 people attending in person, and over a thousand tuning in online to watch the live-streaming event. Busted Halo Editor-in-Chief Bill McGarvey interviewed Fr. Martin about his new book The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything, and the two talked about summer spirituality tips and lots of other tangentially related topics.

Last week we had the full interview up here. But we realize that not everyone has time to watch the whole thing. So we took just the best parts and now present: Tips for Summer Spirituality — the Highlights.

Even though we’re showing the abridged version, our offer (which we make at the end of the full version) still stands. Busted Halo® is a non-profit committed to providing a community where you can talk openly about the intersection of your faith and everyday life. Through our media and ministry we have created a forum where you, our community, can grow, share and explore your faith — something that doesn’t really exist anywhere else. Although the content we provide is free to you daily, it is not costless to produce. So, in conjunction with our inaugural Behind the Scenes event we have some special promotions we’re offering until July 16th, 2010, as our thanks to you for helping to keep our community going and growing.

If you donate $100 by July 16th you can support a feature article on, and as a token of our thanks you will receive either The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything or My Life With the Saints, signed by Fr. James Martin, SJ. You can support another Behind the Scenes interview by donating at the $25 level, and you will receive a Busted Halo backpack. Finally, if you choose to become part of our Halo® Repair Crew — a regular supporter of our ministry at $10 a month — you will receive a free audio CD of Fr. Dave’s homilies sent to you every few months, as well as special promotions throughout the year.

So happy summer! Get tips for keeping your halo intact by watching Fr. Martin’s Tips for Summer Spirituality, and help support Busted Halo®, so we can help you keep your halo’s intact all year round!

Originally published July 8, 2010.