Now you can have fresh customized daily content for your website or blog by including one of our BustedHalo® widgets on your site. Every day new stories, essays, columnists, video features, bloggers, the Googling God question of the day and our Daily Jolt can be yours to offer your readers. Your site will have something new for your visitors to come back for that will challenge, intrigue, inform and inspire them whenever they visit.

To receive the widget, just email widgets@bustedhalo.com and include the name of the widget you wish to receive in the subject line. Feel free to request just one, a combination or all three.

Option A)
“Contemplation in Action”
Daily Jolt Widget

The Daily Jolt widget offers an inspirational quote from an unexpected source and a micro-challenge to put that moment of reflection immediately into action.

Option B)
“Catechesis in Action”
Question Box Widget

The Question Box widget offers daily questions of faith from our readers, answered in detail by our panel of experts.

Option C)
“Content in Action”
Headline Widget

The headline widget includes both Daily Jolt and Question Box content, as well as listing Busted Halo’s most recent and up-to-date feature stories.

If you’d like to download a full-page version of this information as a PDF to share or print out, click here.