BustedHalo.com Mission Statement
We live in an age filled with seekers who are desperately trying to find deeper meaning in their lives but whose journey has little to do with traditional religious institutions. BustedHalo.com believes that the experiences of these pilgrims and the questions they ask are inherently spiritual. Based in wisdom from the Catholic tradition, we believe that the joys and the hopes, the griefs and the anxieties of the people of this age are the joys and hopes, the griefs and anxieties of all God’s people. Nothing genuinely human fails to raise an echo in their hearts. BustedHalo.com strives to reveal this spiritual dimension of our lives through feature stories, reviews, interviews, faith guides, commentaries, audio clips, discussions and connections to retreat, worship and service opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else. We are committed to creating a forum that is: open, informed, unexpected, unpredictable, balanced, and thought-provoking. Every time we ask questions about what our lives mean and what keeps us alive, we are talking about something that’s relevant to BustedHalo.com.

What’s Up With the Name?
Catholic Christian belief is that all God’s children are “saints in the making.” Everyone is called to aspire toward the holiness and selflessness of a Mother Teresa or Saint Francis. At the same time we are all too often aware that this journey toward sainthood is one fraught with imperfections, struggles, and mistakes. Each of us sports a Halo that is either dented, scratched, tarnished… in some way Busted. Yet God loves us anyway and continually calls to bang out the dents and polish our halos up to a nice golden shine.

Busted Halo® Ministries
Under the direction of Fr. Dave Dwyer, CSP, Busted Halo® Ministries helps young adults explore their spirituality, listen to and encourage one another, discover (or re-discover) the rich depths of Catholic tradition, and connect to communities of faith where their unique gifts will be respected and used, and where they will find support on their journey towards God. We also promote ministry to-by-and-for young adults in Catholic parishes and dioceses across the United States and Canada. We help local communities of faith better incorporate those in their 20s and 30s into the lay mission of the Church in society. Founded in September of 2000 by Fr. Brett Hoover, CSP, and Mike Hayes, Busted Halo® continues to seek out new ways make the connection between young, spiritual seekers and the community of the Church.

In if you are seeking ways to better connect with young adults and would like us to come to speak to your parish or diocesan leadership, e-mail us. Busted Halo® Minstries is also an outreach of the Paulist Fathers (see below).

The Paulist Fathers
The Paulist Fathers are a religious order of Roman Catholic priests — the first to be founded by an American citizen — whose mission territory is the United States and Canada. The original founder of the Paulists, Fr. Isaac Hecker, CSP, believed strongly in using the most modern methods of communication to bring to life the ancient message of the Gospel. In their 150 years as missionaries to North America, the Paulists have been on the cutting edge of publishing, radio, TV & film, and now the internet.