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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

  • From Brett: THANK YOU FOR THE BDAY WISHES! I love y’all. AND even though it is my bday, I have a gift for YOU. If you are looking to give me a gift, i please encourage you to any or all of the links of the comments.I have made my one-hour comedy special Mad Silly HALF-OFF and if you buy more than one, you get an additional 20% off! If you do not want that, I encourage you to support my ongoing dream of making a documentary on having kids (or not). I know I have asked for this before but the project is delayed of course, AND it has also become even more complicated issue in this time! There is the GoFundMe link and the FB Fundraiser link below. I have learned that some people prefer one or the other or do not like donating one on of those sites. I know this is a tough time for everyone so please do not take offense by asking; as a live performer who makes a living mostly by performing for others, this is a particularly challenging time at this point. Any amount on any on the three sites would be hugely helpful. In any case, thank you. I love you. I hope you and yours are well. Stay safe. XO.