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Recently on the Show

Monday, May 20, 2019

  • Lila Rose, founder and president of LiveAction joins us to discuss the pro life movement and how you can get involved!
  • It’s the bicentennial of Paulist Founder, Fr. Isaac Hecker’s birth. Click here to join the celebration and support our ministry as a Halo Repair Crew member!
  • A new Paulist priest was ordained this weekend! Please pray for Fr. Evan Cummings pictured below. Click here to listen to Father Dave’s homily preached at Evan’s first Mass.

Prayer Requests

  • Kathy: For the repose of the soul of her mom, Maria.
  • Gary: For Brother Aldre whose father passed away this week and for Br. Heron’s sister who is suffering with cancer.
  • Joanie: For her two daughters who are struggling mentally.
  • Rachel: For her family as they deal with the loss of their mother and for Dorinda whose cousin passed away this recently.
  • Matt: For his nephew Josh who is turning six tomorrow.
  • Maria: For Evan Cummings who was ordained as a Paulist priest this weekend.
  • Joe: For his son, William who was born deaf to get into Catholic high school.
  • Valerie: For the success of a medical mission trip in Nigeria.
  • Carla: For herself and her personal intentions.
  • Mary Anne: For her mom, Mary, suffering from cancer.
  • Joyce: For her daughter Janna who just had her fourth child and has to return to school immediately.
  • Dan: For his daughter Abigail and her boyfriend Colton.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

  • Co-founder of the Hallow app, Alex Jones discusses Catholic Meditation. Click here to check out the Hallow app.
  • Do you share your faith on social media? Click here to see why you should!