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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Monday, August 12, 2019

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Prayer Requests

  • Joseph: For himself as he suffers from sleep apnea and for his mom, Linda who has arthritis.
  • Matt: For his wife Kaitlin who was diagnosed with a tumor.
  • Teresa: For her son Shay and his fiance Kaitlin who are getting married this Friday.
  • Claudia: For herself and her colleagues who were laid off.
  • Megan: For her friends Carlos and Gianni who are entering seminary.
  • Beth: For her daughter who is suffering from addiction.
  • Jim: For those with cancer and those who suffer from addiction.
  • Kelly: For a car accident she witnessed and for all those involved.
  • Brett: For his best friend’s brother, Barton who overdosed today and for recovery from his addiction.
  • Beth: For her daughter who is suffering from addiction to alcohol.
  • Diane: for her godson Joseph who is starting military college.
  • Daryl: For his wife Lola who is having health issues.
  • Sharon: For her daughter Kelly who recently had a miscarriage. And for her marriage.
  • Terry: For her friend’s son who is suffering from untreated depression.
  • Joanne: For healing in her family.
  • Laura: For her friend’s daughter who ran away from home and was molested, and their family
  • Gayle: For her daughter, Valerie diagnosed with fibromyalgia. And for herself to find work.
  • Bridget: For her nice, Kathleen and her health.
  • Lorraine: For herself and her health.