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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

  • Award-winning author Gary Jansen tells us about his new children’s book Remember Us With Smiles. He co-wrote the book with his wife Grace to help unite families through memory.
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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Prayer Requests

We had such a busy Monday show that we moved our normal prayer requests to Tuesday (or as we like to call it, a Moosday). Please join us in lifting the following people up in prayer…

  • Susan: for her daughter Tracy, who is a nurse worried about getting laid off
  • Kiersten: for his mom Valley, who is traveling to visit her cousin Janis’ retirement party
  • Arturo: for his wife Clementina, who had surgery and is in a lot of pain
  • Carol: for her niece Ashley, who is very ill with cancer at age 37
  • Teri: for her friend Mike, who is in his final hours of life with brain cancer
  • Gabby: for her 17-year-old brother Thomas. His best friend Alec died of an overdose
  • Jackie: for her church’s music minister Laurie, who suddenly passed away at age 59 and for Laurie’s widower Tom
  • Matt: for his brother Mike and his wife Marie, who are celebrating their 19th wedding anniversary today
  • Karen: for her son Jason, who is struggling with his mental health, possibly PTSD from his time serving as a Marine in Iraq
  • Brett: for his friend Walker about to have back surgery, and his wife Brittany dealing with an eye issue
  • Trina: for her daughter Amy who is struggling, and also a mother and pregnant
  • Sylvana: for herself, prayers of healing after she broke her kneecap and has cataract surgery next week
  • Father Dave: for San Antonio, following the death of migrants in an abandoned trailer
  • Jamie: for strength for her town of Uvalde, TX, following the shooting tragedy. Particularly for the teachers and students
  • Jeannie: for her son Felipe who has a meth and heroin addiction and is currently in court

Monday, June 27, 2022

  • Rachel Ullmann chats about her role as the Executive Director of the GIVEN Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to activating the gifts of young adult women for the Catholic Church and the world. They just wrapped up their annual GIVEN Catholic Women’s Leadership Forum in Philadelphia, which provides leadership training, faith formation, and networking opportunities.
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