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Brooke Thomas is an editorial intern at BustedHalo.com
July 13th, 2005
Struggling with chastity as an adult
I still recall being fifteen and my best-friend Katie asking me the question, would you would be willing to sleep with someone you weren’t married to? I hadn’t thought much about the topic. I was more concerned with getting a guy named Steve in my literature class to notice I existed. I decided, because Katie said she wouldn’t, that I wouldn’t either. Steve finally did notice me. On our first date he kissed me in the snow. For a teenage girl it was like a fairy-tale. Soon, he was my boyfriend. After a month of dating, the topic of sex had yet to emerge. Steve never spoke about sex, but he didn’t need to. After one particular date, he tried to go further physically than I was comfortable with…
February 1st, 2005
of Brooke Thomas, editorial assistant
My earliest recollections of Valentine’s Day date back to kindergarten. That’s when I first encountered Nick. For a six year old, he was charming.
February 1st, 2005
“What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day?”…
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