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Greg Kandra is a permanent deacon for the Diocese of Brooklyn. An Emmy-winning writer and producer, he worked for CBS News for 26 years. He’s now the News Director for NET, the cable channel of the Diocese of Brooklyn. He also writes the popular blog, The Deacon's Bench.
December 31st, 2009
A former CBS employee recalls the most trusted name in news
Long before Twitter or Drudge or Huffington or Gawker, there was another one-word media monolith, bigger and more influential than any one else. Walter. Television viewers didn’t call him Cronkite. Or even Mr. Cronkite. To America, he was just Walter. Everyone knew who you were talking about when you uttered that name. When I was growing up, in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, he was part of an American ritual: come home, have dinner, watch Walter. He told us “that’s the way it is,” and we know he was right. Occasionally, people would also sit down to Chet and David (over at NBC) or Harry and Barbara (at ABC). But Walter was it. Nobody could touch him. He was gravitas, and veritas – gravity and truth – and…
August 15th, 2007
Commuting with the Blessed Mother
As any commuter knows, you can tell a lot about people by what they do on the subway. In the early hours of a weekday morning, heading to work, we are transients. We have no home but that subway car. For a few minutes, we are co-habitants: neighbors, bound by time and space and dirty plastic seats, blinking at one another as the lights flicker, the windows rattle, and the stops go hurtling by in a blizzard of white tile. I’m taking the train earlier these days; I usually step onto the subway platform at Continental Ave. in Queens around 7:30, to get to work around 8:15. It’s easier to get a seat. But sometimes I’ll take the express, and stand, and spend a few moments struggling to stay awake. It’s…
May 30th, 2007
A funny thing happened in the middle of making a living
There’s an old Yiddish saying: “If you want to hear God laugh, just tell Him your plans.” As far as my own life’s concerned, these days, I’m sure, He’s in stitches. On Saturday, May the 19th, I completed a five-year odyssey and was ordained a Permanent Deacon for the Diocese of Brooklyn. Suffice it to say: this isn’t exactly what I’d planned for my life. It’s not exactly what my wife had in mind when she married me 21 years ago, either. But as John Lennon (British, not Yiddish) put it: life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans. The plans I’d made included a successful career in broadcasting, a nice home, a comfortable life, a happy…
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